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Product Evaluation and Review

When you submit your idea to Cactus we will undertake an initial confidential review of your product. During our review we will consider several different factors. If you have been able to develop a working prototype of your idea we will play with it and assess the play value of the item. We will also consider areas such as the originality of the product, safety concerns, the potential costs of production, amongst many other issues.

After completing our assessment of your idea we will provide you with a professional and frank appraisal, specific to your item, of the likelihood of your toy or game being a success on the market place. If, in our opinion, your idea does not have genuine licensing potential we will tell you why we have reached that conclusion. If we think your idea needs further development we will advise you of what direction we consider that development should take. If we believe your idea has the potential to make it to market we will offer you a contract to present your idea on your behalf to appropriate toy and games companies. As we only get paid from a share of licensing revenue, and not from creating unneccesary marketing plans or from developing expensive prototypes for items with no genuine licensing potential, we only offer to present ideas which we genuinely believe to have a realistic chance of reaching the market place. View a selection of our licensed products in our toy and game portfolio.


Cactus are able to present your item, on your behalf, before the decision makers of major toy and game companies world-wide. As well as attending the major international toy fairs in London, Nuremberg and New York we make numerous individual presentations promoting our clients toy and game inventions.


Licensing means to lease the rights of your product to another company or individual who will then market that product. They will then pay you a royalty for each unit of your product that they sell. As our income depends upon licensing our clients ideas we use our experience and knowledge of the toy and game industry to obtain the best possible licensing deal for both the inventor and for ourselves. Find out how to submit your toy or game for our consideration.