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Toy and Game Portfolio

A selection of Toys and Games for Children licensed by Cactus

Scattergories Junior™ Scattergories Junior

Parker BrothersParker Brothers

For 2 to 6 players aged 8 to 11 years.
Name an animal, a toy, a term of endearment and a dance, and make sure all your answers begin with the same letter. If it's an S you might think of Snake, Scooter, Sweetie and Samba, but you must be unique, if your word is the same as an opponents you score nothing.



Beast Wars™ Beast Wars

Parker BrothersParker Brothers

For 6 years and upwards.
Victory and defeat are in the cards as you battle to be the first to capture your enemy's warriors or drive them over the mountains edge.

BC Battlers™ BC Battlers

Blue BoxBlue Box

For 4 years and upwards.
A vehicle stunt set with a prehistoric theme. The BC Battler vehicle explodes out of the volcano, jumps the canyon,and races through the jaws of death before they snap shut.


Stop de Muis! Stop de Muis!


For 2 players aged four and upwards.
An exciting strategy game, one player acts as the mouse, the other as the mouse catcher. The mouse must try to sneak a piece of cheese, the mouse catcher must try to catch the mouse.



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